Thursday, 21 July 2011

Who wants to win this one?

Arctic sea-ice in race to bottom...  published on the Earth Times yesterday. 

What is happening in the Arctic offers an interesting pair of dilemmas. As the sea-ice slips inexorably towards extinction, there is a a good chance that the alarm bells will go off very loudly across the world. That could be enough to jolt us out of our sloth-like tackling of the climate change juggernaut.

But the problem is that, because we've been wearing ear-mufflers all this time, hearing those alarm bells now may be just a tad too late to stop us from getting toasted. That very human weakness of short looking the other way will have aught us out.

The second dilemma rests on another aspect of humanity's foibles. Greed. One man's disaster is another's opportunity. Despite those alarm bells, the Arctic is on the verge of a black gold rush, as oil companies queue up to exploit the resources uncovered by global warming - a warming they have had a big hand in creating.

Almost reeks of the arsonist collecting the fire insurance premiums, that one..

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